lip balm recipe

IMG_1291Honey is known for its antiseptic, hydrating and soothing properties, which makes it a precious ingredient for your lip balm. On top of it helps healing lesions and gives your lip balm a great taste.

Ingredients : (for about 3 regular tubes)

  • 7  tea spoonfuls of sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil or olive oil (only 6 spoonfuls if you use olive oil!)
  • 2  tea spoonfuls of yellow bee wax
  • 1  tea spoonful of liquid honey
  • 3  drops of vitamin E or essential oil of geranium (preservative, optional)

Instructions :

  1. Heat the bee wax with the oil in a bain-marie until the wax has melted completely.
  2. Away from the hotplate while stirring add the honey and the essential oil and pour into a lip balm tube or pot immediately.

NB: Make sure you sterilize the tubes with boiling water before use

Some recipes say that you can add essential oils for flavour. I’ve tried this and ended up using the lip balm about 20 times a day because it dried my lips out. So I wouldn’t suggest it.

lip balm recipe


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