alternative to animal milk

Our daily intake of dairy products is way too high. Although we have been using milk for centuries, our body is not actually made for it. Nowadays a lot of people develop an intolerance to lactose and the reason could possibly our overconsumption of dairy products in the first place.

Since I myself have been reacting to dairy products for a long time, I have made some research online to see if I can find an alternative to cow milk. Of course everyone knows soy milk, but honestly, I can’t stand it! I have tried a lot of different brands and so far I always ended up very disappointed. On top of it there’s the issue about the production of soy beans that is mostly not very ethical… But what options do we have that are available locally?

I have found recipes of hazelnut milk, almond milk, soy milk and oat milk. So you can even make it yourself, which will be a lot cheaper and healthier since these kind of products are usually only available in organic shops where everything is totally overpriced.

Making it yourself is very simple -> see here for the almond milk recipe for example.

So now I am trying to cut down on dairy products daily. I use homemade milk for cooking, breakfast, in coffee and more. Of course it doesn’t replace cheese or yogurt, and every now and then I still have that. But already cutting down to about half the amount of what I used to eat, will have a positive effect on my health I hope!

I any of you know how to make yogurt with homemade milk, please let me know !! I would appreciate any tips about it very much.


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